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Subject: 40-hour Shoot House Instructor

Instructor: Jack Nevils

Price: $1,000.00/officer

Prerequisite: Certified Firearms Instructor

DESCRIPTION: This course is designed for those instructors teaching and/ or facilitating training for SWAT or Military units conducting Close Quarter Combat training operations. This course begins with a training development workshop to clearly identify training objectives, training shortfalls, and detailed process to quantify training progression. Attendees are taught to train, develop, and assess, individual and collective skills prior to the start of CQC training to ensure individuals have the prerequisite skills to professionally and safely conduct operations in a close urban environment. Training infrastructure, ammunition, and bullet trap considerations are discussed to ensure risks are mitigated for each structure and training evolution. Procedures to safely practice advanced Close Quarter Combat principles in a realistic training environment are taught such as: sniper integrated assaults, vertical assaults, linear assaults, breaching (explosive, ballistic, thermal, mechanical), large structures, and multiple breach points, and interior breaching considerations.


  • Understand and apply principles to safely setup and conduct live fire CQC training
  • Develop detailed training plan to support organizational objectives
  • Assess proficiency of operators to safely conduct training
  • Apply risk mitigating factors for advanced CQC training operation
  • Demonstrate abilities and skills desired in those being trained
  • Understand and apply principles to conduct CQC training with non-lethal munitions
·Copy of department’s Patrol Rifle Qualifications, Deployment and Engagement Policy
·Tactical Gear –Department Assigned Patrol Rifle with sling, pistol, holster and 3 magazines and magazine pouches for both weapons
·Protection for eyes and ears
·Ammo – Pistol-100 rnds. & Rifle-800rnds.
(Factory loaded ammunition only)
(No re-loaded ammunition allowed)
·Inclement weather gear
·Hat (for sun)

SSGT TRAINER: Primary trainer is Retired Special Forces Sergeant Major Jack Nevils who has 20+ years training and conducting Close Quarter Combat operations around the globe. He was the Non-commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) and Sergeant Major for the U.S. Army’s Special Operation’s Urban Combat/ Hostage Rescue and Sniper School at the JFK Special Warfare Center and Schools at Ft. Bragg, NC. He supervised over 60 instructors for the Department of Defense’s (DOD) most high risk training courses. During his tenure, he wrote new doctrine for training Close Quarters Combat, designed, and oversaw construction of the DOD’s premier urban training facility. Mr. Nevils has also trained numerous foreign counter terrorism / hostage rescue forces throughout Central / South American, Central Asia, and the Middle East.