Comments About Our Firearms Courses

Jason Acree
Baton Rouge Police Department, Louisiana-
“Class was great! Practical training for real-life situations that you may find yourself in.”
(Undercover Operator Handgun Course)

Matt Dixon
Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana-
“I work Undercover full time and the tactics and techniques were very well put together addressing real-life scenarios. Loved the class!”
(Undercover Operator Handgun Course)

Richard McCloskey
Baton Rouge Police Department, Louisiana
“Great class! I would definitely take another course taught by Jack Nevils. I learned things that I have not learned in over seven years being a cop. Very good information on how to overcome bad situations and stay alive.”
(Undercover Operator Handgun Course)

Paul Brignac
Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana-
“Probably the best overall DT/Firearms course I have taken in my 11 years of law enforcement service. Jack Nevils’ background and credentials increase the students’ desire to learn the material. This was my favorite school, ever!”
(Undercover Operator Handgun Course)

Alaina Mancuso
Baton Rouge Police Department, Louisiana
-Excellent course material
-New information for law enforcement
-Learning to use the knife was great
-Extremely vital course for officer survival
-Excellent and knowledgeable instructor (Jack Nevils)
(Undercover Operator Handgun Course)

Matt Wolfe
East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana-
“Great training! Outside-the-box thinking. Very knowledgeable instructor.”
(Undercover Operator Handgun Course)