16-hour SSGT Advanced Handgun: Operator Course

Subject: 16-hour SSGT Advanced Handgun: Operator

Instructor(s): Jack Nevils

Price: $350.00/officer

Prerequisite: State POST handgun training and certification

DESCRIPTION: The SSGT Advanced Handgun: Operator Course starts with basic weapons handling, employment, and marksmanship skills. Safe and professional weapons handling procedures are trained and integrated into all phases of training. This course stresses the employment of the pistol in realistic deadly force encounters. The use of empty hand procedures are taught for extreme close quarters confrontations where use of deadly force is required to preserve lives. The empty hand procedures are taught as a means to facilitate the drawing and deployment of the pistol.

Officers will learn to fire their weapons from numerous alternate positions, deliver precise shots, and be able to transition between positions quickly to adapt to their environment. Officers will also learn to draw the pistol while under the duress of a physical attack while standing during an interview with a suspect, seated in a patrol car, or grounded in a life or death fight. This course is designed to give the officers realistic life-saving skills. 

·Basic Marksmanship
·Use of deadly force: totality
of circumstance
·Integration of empty-hands skills and Pistol
·Drawing under duress
·Retention shooting
·Fighting with Pistol
·Grounded shooting
·Shooting in and around vehicles
·Tactical Gear – pistol, holster and 3 magazines and magazine pouches
·Protection for eyes and ears
·Ammo – Pistol-600 rnds.
(Factory loaded ammunition only)
(No re-loaded ammunition allowed)
·Inclement weather gear

SSGT TRAINERS: Our trainers are former Special Forces (Green Beret) Operators who have severed as instructors and Program Managers at the JFK Special Warfare Center’s Special Forces Hostage Rescue and Sniper School. These operators have years of real world application in diverse combat environments conducting and refining the principles and skills taught in this course. The collective lessons learned during these experiences were used by our trainers to rewrite training doctrine and Programs of Instruction for Special Operations Forces. Our trainers have trained and successfully led thousands of U.S. And indigenous forces in countless counter terrorism operations during the Global War on Terrorism.