Introduction to the EWSP

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Equalizer Women’s Self-defense Program (EWSP) is a division of SSGT Defensive Tactics designed for law enforcement. This program provides education for women on recognizing and reducing the risk of violent and property crimes, as well as how to defend against, survive, and escape physical attacks. Many self-defense techniques in EWSP are derived from the successful law enforcement self-defense program taught to thousands of officers, proven to work in real-life situations.

The EWSP Student Course: The EWSP Student Course, corresponding with the EWSP handbook, is designed for women and teen girls. The handbook covers Personal Safety, Residential Security, and Self-defense. The first two chapters can be covered in four hours, while the Self-defense chapter is divided into four phases, each lasting four hours. Participants successfully completing any portion of the program may receive a Certificate of Completion. Courses are primarily taught by certified law enforcement officers serving as EWSP Instructors.

The EWSP Instructor Course: This course prepares law enforcement, corrections, security, and education professionals to teach the EWSP in their communities. It requires eight (8) hours of training for certified SSGT Vanguard Level Two Instructors and 40 hours for those who are not SSGT Instructors.

The Equalizer & The School Resource Officer: Young women should ideally be educated in personal safety, residential security, and self-defense at a young age. School Resource Officers (SROs) are well-positioned to provide this education. High school girls preparing for college can benefit greatly from the information and training EWSP Instructors can provide. SROs are encouraged to become Equalizer Instructors to help young women be “Prepared In Advance.”

NO WARRANTIES: There are no warranties or guarantees with this program, whether expressed or implied. No warranties or guarantees accompany the information, techniques, tactics, methods, or printed materials distributed.

CONSULT A PHYSICIAN: Participants are advised to consult their doctor before participating in or attempting any exercise or technique presented or taught in any Equalizer course, school, seminar, class, or program.


  • Students should wear long pants (sweatpants or workout pants).
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts are acceptable.
  • Knee and elbow pads are highly recommended to prevent injuries.
  • Only tennis shoes, stocking feet, or bare feet are allowed.
  • When wearing tennis shoes, students must ensure their shoes allow their feet to turn freely on the mat. If shoes stick to or grip the mats tightly, they must be removed to prevent injury.

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