Physical Fitness Requirements

Participation Requirements for SSGT Programs

Fitness for Duty: Participants in Strategic Self-defense & Gunfighting Tactics (SSGT) programs, including SSGT Vanguard, SSGT OnGuard, and the Equalizer Programs, must be physically fit for duty. They are expected to perform all associated skills and tactics taught in the course for successful completion. The courses are physically demanding, and consistent physical participation is a requirement.

Physical Fitness Evaluation: Any individual considering participation who has physical conditions that may impact their ability to engage in physical training is urged to consult with their physician for a medical evaluation and potential clearance before enrolling. This applies to conditions such as joint problems, bone issues, spinal issues, heart conditions, high blood pressure, lung problems, viral and bacterial infections, asthma, allergies, or any other condition that might affect physical activity.

Participant Responsibility: It is the sole responsibility of potential participants to seek medical consultation and clearance before enrolling in any program offered by Triad Martial Arts, Inc. This proactive approach ensures that participants can engage fully in the training without compromising their health and safety. Triad Martial Arts, Inc. emphasizes the importance of participant well-being and readiness for the physical demands of the programs.