Physical Fitness Requirements

Strategic Self-defense & GunfightingTactics, also known as SSGT, and its subdivisions; SSGT Vanguard; SSGT OnGuard as well as the Equalizer Programs are divisions of Triad Martial Arts, Inc. Attendees to any of the aforementioned programs must be fit for duty physically. Attendees must be capable of performing all associated skills and tactics taught in the course to be able to satisfactorily complete the program(s). The courses are very demanding physically and consistent physical participation is required.

Any potential participant with physical conditions that may impair and/or inhibit their ability to participate is physical training is responsible for contacting their physician for medical consultation and possible clearance prior to enrollment. Consultations with a physician may be in regards to but not limited to joint problems, bone problems, issues with the spine, various heart conditions, high blood pressure, lung problems, viral and bacterial infections, asthma or various allergies. It is the sole responsibility of the participant(s) to seek medical consultation and clearance prior to enrollment in any and all programs offered by Triad Martial Arts, Inc.