SSGT Edged Weapon Survival

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Your Agency Should Have A Knife Policy
In the aftermath of a deadly force encounter wherein an officer justifiably used a knife to defend him/herself, everyone involved will demand to see the agency’s policy. The lack of a policy regarding
such a commonly carried weapon can be a significant liability for the officer and the agency.

The vast majority of law enforcement officers in America carry knives and their departments know this. At the same time, the majority of officers have no formal and documented training on the use of a knife as a deadly force weapon. This liability must be addressed in an organized, systematic and legally defensible manner. We can help!

SSGT Edged Weapon Survival Instructor Certification Course
·Reference Text: SSGT Edged Weapon Survival Manual (182 pages)
·Certification Course Length: 24 hours
·Length of Certification: Instructor Certification Valid for three (3) years
·Recertification Course Length: 16 hours
·Exams: Written and Practical Exams Administered

This Is Not A “Knife Fighting” Course!
Knife fighting is not what law enforcement officers need. They need to learn simple, practical, tactically sound, well documented and legally defensible skills with a tool they already carry.  Every knife application taught in this course is defensive in nature. This program was developed with the aid and guidance of veteran law enforcement officers.

This course is designed to teach officer how to use their knife to:
·Facilitate accessing their firearm when the subject is extremely close to the officer and the officer feels that drawing their firearm would put their firearm at great risk of being grabbed and/or taken away.
·Defend against a deadly force attack wherein their firearms is inoperable or inaccessible.

By the end of this course, a certified SSGT Edged Weapon Survival Instructor will be qualified to:
· Teach officers about the objectively reasonable use of force, the effects and mitigation of survival stress and the principles of defensive tactics.
· Educate officers generally about the design, function, features and utility of both folding and fixed-bladed knives.
· Teach officers to defend against deadly force attacks while on their feet using an edged weapon when needed, warranted and justifiable.
· Teach officers to defend against deadly force attacks on the ground using an edged weapon when needed, warranted and justifiable.
· Teach officers to defend against various edged weapon attacks in close quarters situations.
· Instill self-confidence in the officer’s ability to defend him/herself against deadly force attacks.
· Certify law enforcement officers in the 16-hour SSGT Edged Weapons Survival Operator Course.

The edged weapon section of this program is divided into nine categories as follows:
Category: 1- Knife Knowledge (26 pages of education about knives);
Category: 2- Knife Grips, Stance, Drawing the Knife and Footwork;
Category: 3- Blade Blocking and Piercing Actions;
Category: 4- Transitions (hands on; to knife; to handgun);
Category: 5- Headlock Escapes (using a knife);
Category: 6- Bear Hug Escapes (using a knife);
Category: 7- Ground Escapes (using a knife);
Category: 8- Defeating the Draw (using a knife);
Category: 9- Close Quarters Edged Weapon Defense.

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