Information Videos

SSGT Tactical Team Operations

SSGT Patrol Rifle Training

NEMO Arms: Suppressed Division

Heroes: Officers Hines & Basinger

SSGT Patrol Rifle

SSGT Handgun Training

Mike Lamb and Chance Gianelli
talk about precision tools you take to the range.

Optimized Duty Sights developed
by SSGT Firearms Division Instructors
Jack Nevils and Chance Giannelli.

Long Range Marksman Course in Alabama instructed by
SSGT Firearms Division Instructor Chance Giannelli.

“HAVOK” Gun Lasso in action at a Long Range Marksman Course during the improvised shooting positions portion of the course.

Informational videos about R4Evolution
(SSGT Firearms Division Instructors).

Chance Giannelli Teaching
Special Forces Sniper Course, Fort Bragg, N.C.