Comments About Our Defensive Tactics Courses

Director Billy Duckett
Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, Florida-
“Outstanding program, simple yet effective. A must for every arresting officer.”

Gary Aguirre
Bossier City P.D. , Louisiana-
“SSGT filled the necessary issues that other training had not addressed. Great Class.”

Sgt. Alan Keller
Germantown Police Department, Tennessee-
“SSGT provides law enforcement officers with survival tools that are not only effective, but very easy to learn. I wish this had been taught in my basic academy.”

Deputy Chuck Zeissler
Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Alabama-
“SSGT has already proven effective within my department by saving one officer from being seriously assaulted in the line of duty. I believe it will continue to decrease the number of serious assaults on our deputies.”

P.O. 4 Greg Coker
Knoxville Police Academy, Tennessee-
“After three years with the Military Police and 17 years with KPD, I have never seen more effective weapon retention techniques.”

Captain Terry McGuire
Arkansas Game and Fish Academy-
“SSGT has not only enhanced our current program,but has instilled the confidence our officers need to overcome a physicalconfrontation in the field.”

Special Agent Brad Parks
Georgia Bureau of Investigation-
“Johnny Lee Smith’s knowledge and expertise in the area the area of defensive tactics are unsurpassed.”

Officer Alan Jones
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency L.E.-
“SSGT is a self-defense system for the ‘real world’ and will save lives.”

Director Vernon Minton
Alabama Marine Resources-
“I strongly recommend that all law enforcement officers receive this invaluable training.”

Gary Mills
Georgia State Patrol-
“The SSGT program is an invaluable component within the Georgia State Patrol Defensive Tactics Program.”

Cpt. Eric Cook
Murfreesboro Police Department, Tennessee-
“This is the best defensive tactics class I have attended in over 17 years of law enforcement. It fills a long standing gap and I am positive it will save officers’ lives.”

Sgt. Derek Smith
Dekalb County Police Academy, GA-
“The techniques taught in SSGT are simple, yet the most effective officer survival tactics I have seen or been taught in nine years on the street.”

P.O. 1 John Coward
Knoxville Police Department, Tennessee-
“To any law enforcement officer wanting to increase their odds of going home at the end of their shift, I would highly recommend they add SSGT to their knowledge base.”

Instructor C.F. Andrew
Dekalb County Police Academy, GA-
“Johnny Lee Smith is very humble when it comes to teaching SSGT. He is never arrogant and is always openminded.”

Randall S. Crisp
Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee-
“Johnny Lee Smith is a man of character and someone who has dedicated himself to obtaining a clear understanding of law enforcement concerns in use-of-force confrontations. He has succeeded in this endeavor and created a viable program that will save lives.”