Comments About Our Defensive Tactics Courses

Trooper James Earnhardt
Alabama Law Enforcement Agency-
Hey Johnny, just wanted to say I used the arm crank in the field tonight while a couple of us were fighting a 400-pound guy and it worked like a charm! Thanks for everything you do for us. See you at instructor re-cert., if not before. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Deputy Tom Smith
Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, FL-
Johnny, I wanted to let you know I got attacked last night and if not for your training I may have lost that fight. The ability to hold him back while laying on my back with little to no energy may have been the deciding factor. I believe I went home because of it. Thanks a ton.

Officer Tim Howard
Alabama Department of Corrections-
I’m an Alabama Corrections Officer in Region 09…we received this training last year and again this year. This is my 19th year as a C.O., starting in Georgia and currently Alabama. Finally, we are getting the training I’ve been talking about all these years. Our instructor Luke Harris is very detailed in his training skills and I feel SSGT training finally gives us a fighting chance at survival as well as confidence in our daily duties behind the razor wire…

Officer Patrick Gibbs
Springdale Police Department-
Good day Sir. I hope all is well with you and all you love. Here’s my first update and testament to SSGT training. I was in a one on one altercation Saturday night involving a subject that didn’t want to go to jail. I had one cuff on him when he decided he wanted to attempt to turn and face me trying to punch and elbow my face and head. I successfully executed a two on one take down. After controlling his body from the back, I was able to restrain said subject and get both cuffs on before help arrived. For your knowledge, I thank you as I made it home safely that morning after my shift.

Director Billy Duckett
Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, Florida-
“Outstanding program, simple yet effective. A must for every arresting officer.”

Gary Aguirre
Bossier City P.D. , Louisiana-
“SSGT filled the necessary issues that other training had not addressed. Great Class.”

Sgt. Alan Keller
Germantown Police Department, Tennessee-
“SSGT provides law enforcement officers with survival tools that are not only effective, but very easy to learn. I wish this had been taught in my basic academy.”

Deputy Chuck Zeissler
Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Alabama-
“SSGT has already proven effective within my department by saving one officer from being seriously assaulted in the line of duty. I believe it will continue to decrease the number of serious assaults on our deputies.”

P.O. 4 Greg Coker
Knoxville Police Academy, Tennessee-
“After three years with the Military Police and 17 years with KPD, I have never seen more effective weapon retention techniques.”

Captain Terry McGuire
Arkansas Game and Fish Academy-
“SSGT has not only enhanced our current program,but has instilled the confidence our officers need to overcome a physicalconfrontation in the field.”

Special Agent Brad Parks
Georgia Bureau of Investigation-
“Johnny Lee Smith’s knowledge and expertise in the area the area of defensive tactics are unsurpassed.”

Officer Alan Jones
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency L.E.-
“SSGT is a self-defense system for the ‘real world’ and will save lives.”

Director Vernon Minton
Alabama Marine Resources-
“I strongly recommend that all law enforcement officers receive this invaluable training.”

Gary Mills
Georgia State Patrol-
“The SSGT program is an invaluable component within the Georgia State Patrol Defensive Tactics Program.”

Cpt. Eric Cook
Murfreesboro Police Department, Tennessee-
“This is the best defensive tactics class I have attended in over 17 years of law enforcement. It fills a long standing gap and I am positive it will save officers’ lives.”

Sgt. Derek Smith
Dekalb County Police Academy, GA-
“The techniques taught in SSGT are simple, yet the most effective officer survival tactics I have seen or been taught in nine years on the street.”

P.O. 1 John Coward
Knoxville Police Department, Tennessee-
“To any law enforcement officer wanting to increase their odds of going home at the end of their shift, I would highly recommend they add SSGT to their knowledge base.”

Instructor C.F. Andrew
Dekalb County Police Academy, GA-
“Johnny Lee Smith is very humble when it comes to teaching SSGT. He is never arrogant and is always openminded.”

Randall S. Crisp
Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee-
“Johnny Lee Smith is a man of character and someone who has dedicated himself to obtaining a clear understanding of law enforcement concerns in use-of-force confrontations. He has succeeded in this endeavor and created a viable program that will save lives.”