16-hour SSGT Two-man CQB Handgun: Operator Course

Subject: 16-hour SSGT Two-man CQB Handgun: Operator Course

Instructor(s): Jack Nevils

Price: $350.00 / Officer 

Prerequisites: State POST handgun training and certification & the 24-hour SSGT Advanced Handgun: Operator Course.

*This course is one of three courses required to attend the SSGT Advanced Handgun Instructor Course!

The SSGT Two-man Close Quarters Battle Handgun: Operator Course is specifically designed for those officers working in pairs while conducting their duties in an urban environment. This course begins with reinforcing safe weapons handling and application methods for close quarters operations.

A series of clearance principles are taught on a flat range that allow the officers to isolate and master common situations found during clearing operations. These fundamental principles that apply to all urban clearing operations are demonstrated, taught, and drilled repeatedly in a safe live-fire environment on a range before officers apply these skills in buildings.

The course progresses into using buildings with common obstacles and layouts to continue to reinforce the application of principles in various urban environments. Theses fundamental skills are trained and are applicable across the operational continuum IE clearing, active shooter, and rescue operations.  

· Safe weapons handling and application
· One and Two-man responsibilities upon entry
· Consideration of deep threats
· Setting up your kit and weapons
· Negotiating opposing threats
· Mutually supporting one another around  obstacles
· Hallways and Stairwells
· Control and restraint of suspects 

· Duty Pistol, Carbine, holster and magazines
· Level IIIA Body Armor
· Protection for eyes and ears
· Ammo – Pistol – 450 rounds
(Factory-loaded ammunition only! No Reloads!)
· Water
· Inclement weather gear
· Flashlight 

TRAINER:  25 year Special Forces (Green Beret) Operator (SGM, Retired) who served as instructor and Program Manager at the JFK Special Warfare Center’s Special Forces Hostage Rescue and Sniper Schools. Mr. Nevils has years of real world application in diverse combat environments conducting and refining the principles and skills taught in this course. Trainer has mentored and successfully led thousands of U.S. and indigenous forces in countless counter terrorism operations during the Global War on Terrorism.