Long Range Marksman

Subject: 24-hour Long Range Marksman

Instructor(s): Jack Nevils & Ricky Harris

Price: $500.00/person

Prerequisite: Attendee must have the ability to consistently shoot 2 MOA (2 inch) 5-shot groups at 100 yrds.

DESCRIPTION: This 3-day Long Range Marksman Course  is designed for beginner scoped rifle shooters or those experienced in long range precision marksmanship. The course begins with establishing the fundamentals of properly setting up one’s rifle, the care and maintenance of the rifle, and a solid understanding of internal, external, and terminal ballistics. The course emphasizes the development of good habits to support the principles of precision marksmanship under all conditions. Officers will zero their rifles then learn to determine their muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient to establish the flight characteristic of
the rifle-bullet combination.

This information is further used by inputting it into ballistic software that accounts for atmospheric conditions which affect the point of impact of the round. These skills and equipment are used by the premier Law Enforcement and allied military organizations worldwide. The course quickly progresses to the engagement of targets out to 1000 yards to train the operator in the compensation for winds. Since most engagements in the field rarely look like a nice flat range, participants are taught how to quickly develop improvised stable firing platforms.

Note: organic weapons can be used or weapons can be provided at additional cost.

·Rifle set up
·Selection, care and cleaning of rifle and optics
·Basic ballistics – internal/external/terminal
·Zeroing at different yard lines
·Use of laser range finder
·Duplex, Mil dot or Horus reticle
·Calculation of holds
·Caliber selection, how to evaluate
·Basic wind – how to read wind and how to adjust for it
·Body position – better control of the rifle for aiming and recoil     management
·How to maximize the performance of reticles
·Positional shooting
·Scoped rifle
·Data Book/Note Pad and Pen
·Binoculars & Range Finder
·Spotting Scope

·Protection for eyes and ears
·200-300 rounds of ammunition
·Sniper/Precision Marksman Kit
·Inclement weather gear
·Hat (for sun)

SSGT TRAINERS: Our trainers are former Special Forces (Green Beret) Operators who have served as instructors and Program Managers at the JFK Special Warfare Center’s Special Forces Hostage Rescue and Sniper School. These operators have years of real world application in diverse combat environments conducting and refining the principles and skills taught in this course. The collective lessons learned during these experiences were used by our trainers to rewrite training doctrine and Programs of Instruction for Special Operations Forces. Our trainers have trained and successfully led thousands of U.S. And indigenous forces in countless counter terrorism operations during the Global War on Terrorism.