40-hour SSGT Patrol Rifle: Operator Course

Subject: 40-hour SSGT Patrol Rifle: Operator

Instructor(s): Jack Nevils

Price: $750.00/officer

Prerequisite: Must be a certified law enforcement officer and have a basic understanding of patrol rifle operation and maintenance.


DESCRIPTION: This 5-day SSGT Patrol Rifle: Operator Course is for any officer who carries a carbine or rifle in the conduct of their police duties. The course begins with establishing the fundamentals of properly setting up one’s rifle, the care and maintenance of the weapon system, and a solid understanding of internal, external, and terminal ballistics.

The course emphasizes the development of good habits to support the principles of precision marksmanship under all conditions. Officers will zero their rifles, learn to produce consistent shot groups, then learn to compensate for range and environmental condition which effect the point of impact of their round. Officers will learn to quickly acquire their target and accurately fire their patrol rifle out to 100 yards. Once this skill is acquired, officers will practice firing from improvised stable firing positions including: standing supported, kneeling, kneeling supported, and improvised supported positions.

Due to the fact officers use their patrol rifles and pistols in a variety of environments that may require deployment at various ranges, safe weapons handling procedures are taught for close quarters engagements and suspect handling procedures. Since officers work in and around vehicles, ballistic effects and considerations for the application of fire are taught. Shooting on the move, utilizing cover and transitioning to secondary weapon are addressed as well. The course culminates with a shooting evaluation under the constraint of time with the officer’s heart rate up to evaluate the officer’s proficiency.

Note: organic weapons can be used or weapons can be provided at additional cost.

·Patrol Rifle Setup: Optics and Lights
·Ballistics 101
·Shooting Positions
·Zeroing and Grouping
·Known Distance Firing
·Target Selection
·Weapons Integration
·Shooting on the move
·Utilizing cover
·Transitioning to secondary weapon(s)
·Employment in Urban Setting
·Shooting into and out of vehicles
·Stress Shoot
·Low Light Fire
·Copy of department’s Patrol Rifle Qualifications, Deployment and Engagement Policy
·Tactical Gear –Department Assigned Patrol Rifle with sling, pistol, holster and 3 magazines and magazine pouches for both weapons
·Protection for eyes and ears
·Ammo – Pistol-200 rnds. & Rifle-800rnds.
(Factory loaded ammunition only)
(No re-loaded ammunition allowed)
·Inclement weather gear
·Hat (for sun)

SSGT TRAINERS: Our trainers are former Special Forces (Green Beret) Operators who have served as instructors and Program Managers at the JFK Special Warfare Center’s Special Forces Hostage Rescue and Sniper School. These operators have years of real world application in diverse combat environments conducting and refining the principles and skills taught in this course. The collective lessons learned during these experiences were used by our trainers to rewrite training doctrine and Programs of Instruction for Special Operations Forces. Our trainers have trained and successfully led thousands of U.S. And indigenous forces in countless counter terrorism operations during the Global War on Terrorism.