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Battle of the Blue Sizzle Reel

Watch, as two veteran law enforcement trainers bring eight law enforcement officers together at an exclusive location for multiple weeks of training and competition. Hear the officers tell compelling stories about their own line-of-duty experiences as they better prepare themselves for the battles they face both on and off duty.
Discover the “Battles” they face; keeping our streets safe; dealing with negative image portrayals in the media; keeping their personal lives together and dealing with what they’ve seen and been forced to do in the line of duty.
All training and competitions will be conducted as “Team” events with each team representing their own state. Each team will consist of two officers from four various states – eight competitors. The competitors will receive training from the Professional Trainers of “SSGT” (Strategic Self Defense & Gunfighting Tactics) prior to each “Competition Day.”
“Training Days” will last multiple days while a “Competitions” are completed in one day. The competition events will include pistol, carbine, precision rifle, defensive tactics, and wild card competitions. “Wild Card Competitions” will include Aerial Platform Gunnery, Motorcycle Operations, Pursuit Driving, and Boat Operations.


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‎Force Multiplier for Law Enforcement: Defensive Tactics Training with Johnny Lee Smith on Apple Podcasts



Washington Times Article
Israeli jiu-jitsu black belt finds mentorship in Alabama


Jack Nevils Interview

Johnny Lee Smith Interviews

SSGT Tactical Team Operations

SSGT Patrol Rifle

NEMO Arms: Suppressed Division

University of Louisiana at Monroe

Equalizer clinic starts with lecture

Heroes: Officers Hines & Basinger

The Equalizer Women’s Self-defense Program is Being Offered at LSU.

SSGT Firearms Training Video

The Equalizer Women’s Self-defense Program
at ULM in Monroe, LA.

Lady Warhawks Fight Back


The Equalizer Logo gets an Update.

SSGT Patrol Rifle

SSGT Handgun Training

Strategic Self-defense & Gunfighting Tactics

May 18, 2017
From the beginning SSGT stood for Strategic Self-defense & Grappling Tactics. But, with our recent expansion into firearms training with World Class firearms instructors Jack Nevils and Chance Giannelli SSGT has a new and updated meaning that more precisely reflects what we do. SSGT now stands for Strategic Self-defense & Gunfighting Tactics.


May 18, 2017
SSGT now has a professional relationship with one of the most prestigious firearms companies in the world, Nemo Arms, Inc. We are excited about this new relationship and look forward to working with NEMOARMS.COM


May 16, 2015
SSGT has set the standard for excellence in law enforcement training. After numerous requests from the law enforcement community, we are now offering a wide variety of firearms training courses. These courses have been put together by world class warriors with law enforcement officers and the public they serve in mind.

Below: SSGT Firearms Division Instructor Jack Nevils on the Cover of Guns & Ammo SNIPER Magazine.

Sniper Mag Cover with Jack


The Alabama Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) officially adopted SSGT Vanguard Levels One & Two as the defensive tactics program required for minimum standards certification in all police academies in the state. Effective January 1, 2014, every police academy in the State of Alabama will be required to teach 48 hours of SSGT Defensive Tactics to basic academy recruits.

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